Simone is the owner and lead Pilates instructor at Weaver Vale Pilates. She initially trained as a Ballet Dancer and completed the Royal Academy of Dance exams in Classical Ballet. She studied and obtained a Dance Teachers Diploma at the University of Cape Town (UCT) Ballet School and majored in both contemporary dance and ballet. Due to a string of back injuries, Simone decided to try Pilates to help with her own injury rehabilitation. Pilates was so effective in helping her that she decided to make it her career. She studied at the South African Sports Science Institute and Exercise Teachers Academy under the tutelage of Renee Watson and qualified as a Pilates teacher shortly thereafter.


Simone owned and successfully ran two Pilates studios in Cape Town before moving to England in 2010. She continued teaching Pilates in Cheshire and also studied to gain Body Control Pilates certification and accreditation to add to her already impressive CV.

She has worked with a vast array of people from all walks of life including professional athletes requiring injury rehabilitation, dancers wanting specific conditioning or ladies needing a safe Pilates program to follow either pre- or postnatal.


Having worked alongside healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths for approximately fifteen years, Simone has learned from and developed a keen eye for posture analysis and biomechanics of the body to address postural issues or imbalances. She has tended to focus more on injury rehabilitation and injury prevention in recent times but her extensive dance training and experience enhances her Pilates service offering.


As part of her continuous professional development. Simone has attended various courses and workshops. These have included courses such as pregnancy and Pilates, pelvic floor, Small Ball, Theraband, Gym Ball, dance conditioning and muscle activation to name but a few. She is constantly looking to enhance and increase her knowledge and is currently studying towards a degree in Osteopathy at Staffordshire University.