Mat Pilates Winsford

All new clients must book an initial assessment. This can be in the form of either a Private assessment or a Duet assessment. During this appointment, a Posture Analysis is done. The instructor will look at your spinal alignment and any muscle imbalances you may have. Any injuries and medical history are discussed and assessed. This appointment will go a long way in determining what program you will require for the best results. You and your instructor will decide the best course of action together.

Please Note - If no suitable appointment times are available on the bookings calendar please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll arrange an appointment to suit you.

Equipment Pilates in Northwich
Our Pilates sessions are offered as one to one sessions, two to one sessions and a small group of three. Sessions are tailored to individual needs and bring remarkable results. They are flexible because the instructor may use a Reformer and various apparatus as it is required.
Our Duet and Trio Sessions are ideal if you wish to exercise with your partner, friend, family member or colleague. You will do a fully integrated Session that is fun and tailored to your specific needs. These sessions are a great way to share the cost and stay motivated.
  • the level at which one works is client specific
  • personalised programme and individual attention
  • classes are 55 minutes long.

Private and Reformer classes in Kingsmead
Reformer classes near Chester
All our Pilates sessions are enjoyed on a state of the art Align Pilates Reformer..."the power is in the springs."
Our Pilates sessions test and develop your core strength by using your own body weight and the resistance created by the tension in the springs.
This Pilates workout will tone, strengthen and improve flexibility.
The Reformer offers a challenging and dynamic full body workout! 
It truly is the ultimate exercise machine. Why not give it a go. You wont be sorry.
  • levels range from beginner-advanced
  • sessions are 55 minutes long

  • direct debit subscription pricing options are available or in some cases you can drop into a trio session subject to availability.